A sophisticated system which consists of several difference modules, i.e. 'PO Management', 'Booking Monitoring' and 'Shipment Tracing'. Easy to use and data accuracy are the most important. The systems constantly update our customers on the status of their order and cargo movement at any point of time independently, to ensure that our customers stay at the forefront of their current markets.


System allows our customers to input all order information into our system through internet and such information can be accessed by relevant parties concerned who perfectly aware about the development of each order. Whether the order will be ready on time or delayed by whatever reason, all information is visible and transparent to let our customers to have an adequate market planning.


System to let our customers to monitor their expected booking from all their suppliers in the specified date. Related information can be demonstrated by different templates tailored to the best suit of each individual work.


System allows our customers to access the most up-to-date information of their shipment, such as barge / mother / connecting vessel as well as estimate and actual schedule of the booked vessel.


UNIONPOWER and its overseas offices are all operating in the same system which means an online link in real time to share all data within our group of companies. Continuous improvement of the quality of services and the ability to provide customers with the information they need represent our major objectives and it also provides the basis for entering the era of paperless management.